George Gipp
                        Signed Photo

Most sports memorabilia authenticators have never even seen a Gipp close up in their entire lives. One major expert believes that only five or so openly authenticated Gipp's are even known to exist. PSA/DNA authenticators as well as industry expert concensus are that there are most likely fewer than ten Gipp's in total.

Have found five Gipp's posted on the web. Thereby making the CIRCA 1919 Gipp the Fifth Gipp.

 - FIRST GIPP - The Notre Dame Gipp - Search for Gipp at

This Gipp looks to be in pretty good shape. Looks like it might have a very small tear in the upper left. Signature is strong and slanted at Gipp's commonplace 45 degree angle.  

 - SECOND GIPP - LOT 711 Gipp -

 Sold by Lelands Auctions on 04/28/06. Winning bid was $5092. For a final realized price of $6084. This was the record price ever paid for a Gipp.

 The most significant charachteristic of this Gipp is a small tear in the lower right. That somebody taped. Plus typewritten and handwritten description on the back:

George Gipp-Fullback-Notre Dame

All-American I92I
My All-Time Fullback
The Inspiration of Notre Dame Football.

 Plus large handwritten jottings:
George Gipp

-  THIRD GIPP  - RR AUCTION 1415 Gipp - -
Google - rrauction gipp - then scroll to Catalouge Item 1415 -  

This Gipp is in RR Auction's 2006 catalogue. It sold for $3683 - Picture is also available in PDF form in separate search.
The most significant characteristic of this Gipp is writing at the bottom - "October 31, 1920 - George Gipp of Notre Dame U." -


This Gipp is listed to be auctioned on 09/20/07. With an opening bid of $5,000. This Gipp also has an authentication number - from PSA/DNA - major sports memorabilia authenticators - serial number #E50143 - which will show it's picture too.

The most significant characteristic of this Gipp is silvering on Gipp's right hip. Otherwise it looks in good shape.

- FIFTH GIPP - CIRCA 919 Gipp - was auctioned on Good Friday 04/22/11 by Heritage Auctions of Dallas TX. To find the picture just google - George Gipp Signed Photograph. Winning bid was $5500. For a final realized price of $6572. Breaking the record price ever paid for a Gipp.

This particular Gipp is characterized by three of the four corners having gotten ripped off from being in a scrapbook. Including part of the second '"p" on Gipp. But the signature is also significantly stronger and less angled than on most of the other Gipp's. Plus the overall quality of the photograph is very high. Since the Gipp has been kept in a file cabinet for most of it's existence.

What this means is that there are roughly four authenticated Gipp's on the web that are not owned by Notre Dame. Including the CIRCA 1919 Gipp. Plus presumably at least several other Gipp's that are still in private hands and that are not generally known to the public. But which PSA presumably knows about. Since they think there are fewer than ten.