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Buy Sky Lanterns

 -- BUY SKY LANTERNS - domestic internet fireworks supplies - Skylighter - - Very Fast Flying Lanterns! - Plus lots of other cool stuff. Includes essays, videos and instructions for planning, designing and building both fireworks and paper hot air balloons -  "Can mere mortals make sky lanterns?" - Video -   Homemade Sky Lantern Launch

- - BUY SKY LANTERNS - "Soar High and Travel Far" - Flying Lanterns were invented in China around 1,800 years ago - for military communications. To signal safety - or danger. Plus to warn the people of enemy attack. Plus to celebrate holidays - Light Path of Heaven to Earth. Nowdays fire balloons fly all around the world by the millions. Adding up over many centuries into billions. Purchase sky lanterns on both - eBay and Amazon - for only two or three dollars apiece. Plus fireworks stores. Flying lanterns are mostly manufacturered in China and Thailand.

- - Cool Science Project - Really neat electric motor kids can make with just a few paperclips and a battery. Plus a magnet! Which you can probably make from a refrigerator magnet.

Plans for Building Model Hot Air Balloons

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"Building and Flying Paper Hot Air Balloons"-- Instructions and diagrams for a five foot diameter, 70 cubic foot model.  Inspired by the fire balloon tradition in Burma.

- How to Make a "Box Shaped" Hot Air Balloon -- This pattern looks easier to build than a spherical balloon.

- Community Learning Network -- Lesson plan and instructions for building paper hot air balloons.

Fire Balloons -- A fire balloon enthusiast's website on paper balloons, heated with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball.

Balloons Around the World

A.R.I.A -- Italy and Europe's premier association, to promote the art, culture and tradition of paper hot air balloons.

Turma Amor Eterno --  Photograph page for Brazil association that promotes paper hot air balloon culture.

Aerostats of Leonidion Greece -- Every Easter hundreds of fire balloons are launched over the Mediterranean Sea.

- Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School -- Educational links to hot air balloon activities.

Ballooning and Aeronautics Link Web-Pages

Yahoo -- Recreation/Hobbies/Models/Aircraft -- Yahoo's list of model aircraft websites

- Blastvalve -- Ballooning Search Engine and Directory -- Includes links to model hot air balloon sites.

- World Wide Web Balloon Pages -- Joop De Wilde -- Netherlands  -- Comprehensive list of ballooning links.

Radio-Controlled (RC) Balloons and Blimps

- Schlegal Fire Balloons  --  Radio-Controlled (RC) Model Hot Air Balloons are popular in Germany and other places in Europe.  Website includes lots of information, photographs, and links to other RC Model Balloon websites.  Translation program makes this German language website, along with its links, readable in English and other languages.

- Plantraco Radio Controlled Blimps -- Plantraco -- Helium filled models, battery powered, for indoor flight.

- Radio Controlled Ballooning -- Student with pictures of his radio-controlled balloon.

Other Ballooning and Aeronautics Webpages

- NASA's Scientific Ballooning Program  -- Balloons provide an inexpensive way to reach a space environment.

- NASA's Allstar Network  -- Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science Technology and Research.

- Ask a High Energy Astronomer -- A NASA Scientist explains how hot air balloons work.

- Buddy Bombard  -- Hot Air Balloon Tours over historic regions of Europe.

Photographs and Videos of Balloons and Airships

- Balloon Posters - Barewalls has lots of posters for hot air balloons.

- Library of Congress -- Thomas A. Edison Inc. presents a 2:45 minute film of San Francisco, as viewed from a tethered hydrogen balloon, in 1902.

- Caquot Type R Observation Balloon -- Balloon from First World War is on display at the USAF Museum.

- Vidicom Media Productions -- Presents photographs and videos of the Hindenberg Disaster, other Zeppelins, modern airships and other aircraft.

- Graf Zeppelin --Flying over New York City.

Aircraft and Aerospace Websites

- Precision Aerodynamics -- Parachute Manufacturer -- Links to educational resources related to aeronautics..

Other Interesting Websites

- SodaConstructor -- Web-toy, that makes an assortment of two-dimensional mechanical objects out of sodastraws and springs.  Great way to kill time..

- Gas Laws -- Includes descriptions of the various Gas Laws, and experiments for demonstrating them.

Science Project Websites

Science Project Ideas -- UK site is designed to help parents and teachers to help children learn about science.  Such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Meteorology and Mathematics.  Site includes dozens upon dozens of projects and experiments to prove the concepts and make them memorable learning experiences.

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